Is Harrison Ford using an iPhone to control his apartment elevator in the 1982 movie Blade Runner? 

The likeness is exceptional. The metallic outline, the pictogram-matrix-touchscreen, the black chassie and the designated home-button area at the bottom.

Coincidental? Hardly!


HOW Magazine

August 31, 2007

Just a quick post before the weekend. It seems that the international famous magazine HOW (ID Magazine) has deceided that our new website is cool enough to be included in their “Top 10 sites of the month” for september. We are honoured although it didn’t come as a shock to us…

Link to HOW

Norwegian Ink Official Web

August 28, 2007

Check out our official web at www.norwegianink.com


August 8, 2007

Rumour has it that this year’s Quart poster contained a disguised homage to the Norwegian Ink favourites Motorpsycho. Maybe an instance of “the happy accident” or maybe not just that… At least Bent of Motorpsycho was cheering up when confronted with the design (and the intoxicated designers). Click pic to see the mystery in its context.

Hey Bent


Hehe we did some minor graphics for this movie. The Evil Nurse was illustrated as an alien and as a SoulSnapper from Outer Space.


SNITT #1 2007

May 24, 2007

The latest edition of “SNITT”, a norwegian magazine for visual communication, featured some of our artwork for Quart07. Apparently we’re a part of the ongoing psychedelia trend in graphic design.

Posterboy Giske

snitt av snitt

Quart 07

April 14, 2007

In heavy competition with other design agencies we were chosen to do the design for this year’s Quart Festival (Norway’s biggest rock festival). We are still working on this project, which will include a range of our design, including posters, t-shirts, signage, apparel, merchandise and God knows what… Push the picture for an ad example.


Untitled Snowboard Movie

April 14, 2007

We were asked to do some designs for a forthcoming Norwegian snowboard movie (working title “Switch”, from the producers of “The troublesome man” and “Uno”). Here are some examples of the numerous ideas we had. We’ll post the final sticker designs when they’ve been printed (on heavy coated vinyl) along with other stuff for this movie.

Untitled Snowboard MovieUntitled Snowboard Movie

This is one of our more dubious attempts to catch the 70’s vibe of the movie. Not exactly surf related, but for some reason still quite viewable…

Here is a selection of various designs we did for Kalde Føtter. Most of these were printed on costumes, some became merchandise, others posters or signage. The flaming 8-ball was applied to the hood of the 1973 Mustang, which can be seen on the poster photo. The Lick-a-Baum™ was a phrequently used prop in the movie.


This short movie is produced by Friland and is touring european film festivals at the time. We haven’t seen it yet, so we don’t know how it turned out. We’re awaiting a DVD-copy and will post some snaps when we get our hands on it.

Eye of the Tiger Tee

December 23, 2006

These two hip and streetsmart guys run the Oslo-based club Kamikaze. If you look closely you might see that rightguy proudly shows his “eye of the Tiger” shirt to the photographer, a job we did for a client ages ago.


Here’s the original artwork. The second edition was printed in gold/white (for the gals) and silver/black (for the guys). If they’re not too washed out by now, we’ll post some photos of them later.


Tres Logos

November 21, 2006

Finally we got our hands on the long awaited book “Tres Logos” from Gestalten Verlag. We were pleased to find that it included not less than 16 of our designs, of which you can browse a selection if you click the image below.