Quart 07

April 14, 2007

In heavy competition with other design agencies we were chosen to do the design for this year’s Quart Festival (Norway’s biggest rock festival). We are still working on this project, which will include a range of our design, including posters, t-shirts, signage, apparel, merchandise and God knows what… Push the picture for an ad example.



Untitled Snowboard Movie

April 14, 2007

We were asked to do some designs for a forthcoming Norwegian snowboard movie (working title “Switch”, from the producers of “The troublesome man” and “Uno”). Here are some examples of the numerous ideas we had. We’ll post the final sticker designs when they’ve been printed (on heavy coated vinyl) along with other stuff for this movie.

Untitled Snowboard MovieUntitled Snowboard Movie

This is one of our more dubious attempts to catch the 70’s vibe of the movie. Not exactly surf related, but for some reason still quite viewable…

Here is a selection of various designs we did for Kalde Føtter. Most of these were printed on costumes, some became merchandise, others posters or signage. The flaming 8-ball was applied to the hood of the 1973 Mustang, which can be seen on the poster photo. The Lick-a-Baum™ was a phrequently used prop in the movie.