HOW Magazine

August 31, 2007

Just a quick post before the weekend. It seems that the international famous magazine HOW (ID Magazine) has deceided that our new website is cool enough to be included in their “Top 10 sites of the month” for september. We are honoured although it didn’t come as a shock to us…

Link to HOW


Norwegian Ink Official Web

August 28, 2007

Check out our official web at


August 8, 2007

Rumour has it that this year’s Quart poster contained a disguised homage to the Norwegian Ink favourites Motorpsycho. Maybe an instance of “the happy accident” or maybe not just that… At least Bent of Motorpsycho was cheering up when confronted with the design (and the intoxicated designers). Click pic to see the mystery in its context.

Hey Bent